US, UK, France strike Syria to cripple chemical weapons

UK PM May said this limited attack is not to intervening  in civil war or Regime change or Assad change and not to damage civilian.  This is to damage Chemicals weapons. UK attacked from Cyprus air base.France from his Marine Missiles  carriers doz misseles each by France UK.

No misseles  was intercepted by Syrian forces.

US president  Trump said he has aporoved & asked his forces for precision  attack in Syria.Later he tweeted Mission accomplished.

Britain, France, US have air attacked 100 guided missiles, Duma in Syria.With Pentagon  press conference on BBC reports the attack was to cripple two production, storage and one RD  facilities  of Chemical weapons in Duma in Al Aasad  Era.

General MacKenzie  narrated that we did not want to be in civil war of Syria  but We dont want chemicsl weapons use as per 17 nation International convention.

Russia  FM  Lavrov in its press conference said  act is before the inspector to arrive and gather facts and Swiss reports are with Russia but experts from France did not snswer the question.

Russia  FM said this is unexpected and lawlessness  called for UN SC meeting .

BBC freelance jounalist said the precision attack was not symbolic but it is devastating  for demolishing  Syria forces but no loss to civilion but there was numerous people raising anti US slogans for overnight attack.

BBC reports

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