US & allies precision Syrian strike reactions

UN SC reports the action of attack is against UN Charter Syrian Ambassador to UN called the attack very irresponsible and terms attackers liars.

US Trump said , Assad uses again chemical weapon then US to repeat the sttack.

Turkey’s President Erdogan says action by US and allies sends Syria’s government message that its massacres will not be left unanswered.

Germany to meet with France, Britain and the United States in London on Sunday to discuss their next steps after airstrikes were launched against Syria early on Saturday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. The talks will be held in the British capital to coordinate further actions, the minister told reporters in Berlin. 

The German with better coordinating terms are banking for finding solution to Syrian on going war from 7 years.

Putin, Erodogan, Assad find the momentum of air strike for better big bang.

US General said attack is successful  and are to remind for no chemical attack.

US allied attack on Syria  has following reaction across global leaders.
Barbaric attack, won’t affect fight against terrorism – Syria Strikes without UNSC mandate a violation of intl law – Putin
‘Mission accomplished’ – Trump
Respect other countries’ sovereignty – China
Those who attacked Syria are ‘criminals’ – Iran


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