Recent cases of abduction, gang rapes

Recent cases of abduction, gang rapes and later murders of innocent teen-agers and protests leading to loot and arson all seem well-planned by anti-national elements, most probably financed by foreign agents through their NGOs and social networking and disgruntled opposition leaders to raise anti-PM and anti-BJP feelings among Indian populace. They also aim to divide the masses on caste, communal, rich and poor or any other possible basis. They aim first to create riots and then blame the government for administrative failure if action is not taken. However, if action is taken, the blame will be of high-handedness and even Human Rights Group will step in. But while unruly goons create havoc, they will keep mum. In such a situation, all patriotic people should see through the game, stand united behind the Hon’ble PM and NDA government, not to fall in traps being laid down to create chaos, not to believe the rumours being spread. They should rather thwart all bad measures and cheap gimmicks of such leaders who pass judgments on any happening without authentication. The government should also take strict action against all those who give vent to their judgments in any happening without any proof. It has become a fashion to indulge in blame game and tarnish the image of adversary. If sued, they are ready to speak apology to escape, of course after doing the desired damage.

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