TWTC centre in New Delhi

Mr Chung-kwang Tien Ambassador of Taiwan said we had relation since 1995 we establused IIT other institutions  tourism, hardware, semiconductor, petrochemical, smart citiez electric vehicles are forte whiich can be of immense trade value. Tourism special  Buddhism  is of  great reverence for both nation. With office TWTC in New Delhi the sky is the limit.

Mr James C.F Huang  chairman opens its fourth office in India.

India exports to Taiwan 6 billion dollar.Taiwan too exports from  India 6 billion dollar.Balance of payment is equal poised.

PM Modi Make in India, Skill India Digital so is well  poised to be its best economic partner.

India is fastest grwoing country in the world and sixth economic in trade volume.

India US China are nassive market and with TWTC  shall endeavour to give inertia  for bilateral trade with India.

PM Modi said India is investment for future so is true.

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