Participate in Earth Day

Hello Naresh,
Participate in Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution
In a series of emails from Worldwatch this month, learn why plastic is so deadly and how you can do your part in your life and your community to take action. Creating a sustainable world for future generations requires that we commit to managing deadly waste from our modern societies.
Plastic Pollution is killing the planet. It’s time to take it seriously.
Installment 3 of this series: Become an activist in your community
Here are nine things you can be doing in your community
1. Join efforts in your city/county/state to ban plastic bags. Follow the state of CA and cities like San Francisco, Austin, LA, Seattle and Chicago in banning use of disposable plastic bags.
2. Join efforts in your local city/county to ban plastic straws. Follow the example of Seattle, and other cities in banning use of plastic straws in restaurants.
4. Ask your local dry cleaner support your use of reusable garment bags.
5. Ask your local restaurants to use compostable take-out and leftover containers
6. Join efforts to reduce availability of water in plastic bottles. Look what San Francisco is doing:
8. Join efforts in your local community to improve labeling of recycling stations in all public places
9. Get your local school system to stop offering water and soft drinks in plastic bottles
At Worldwatch we depend on your support to carry out our mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future for all. If you believe we need to create a world that operates in balance with the earth, take a minute and make a gift to Worldwatch. We deeply appreciate it.
Get involved with our mission.
Read our books. Follow our research.
Ask your local communities and universities what they are doing to solve this century’s greatest challenge.
Your financial support of Worldwatch is vital to the continuation of our work.
We appreciate every dollar of support.
Donate generously to organizations supporting Earth Day activities
Thank you for making our work possible as we create a sustainable future.

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