Congress and Judiciary

Congress and judiciary

Recent aspirations by Congress leaders on Supreme Court of India verdict given by a bench of three hon’be judges on Justice Loya death case are the most shameful. It is like changing our judicial system. It seems that they believe that every case should be decided as per their wish, not on merit. Justice Loya died of heart attack, a fact admitted by attending doctors as well as his family. Can heart-attack be maneuvered by someone to kill a person? Is it a natural cause or man-made? Congress should stop hate game, blaming PM, BJP, RSS etc. for every damn thing. Instead, it should tell the masses what they have done for the country and its people for so many years. It is a pity that the party has nothing to take credit except leveling allegations, just baseless allegations. People may be impressed temporarily by their gimmicks but once the truth comes out, masses start hating and a sense of disbelief over what the party says is developed. Can they come out with even a single plus point in their leaders Sonia and Rahul whom they worship like anything, to lead India? Do they have ideas for its development? Can they talk to any great world leader and impress upon that personality, their ideas as Modi ji can?

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