Armenia unrest

Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan said on tenth day  of mass demonstrations. Nikol the opposition are calling for Sargsyan’s resignation.Therefore talk failed before it began.

“I will meet Serzh Sargsyan to discuss the conditions of his resignation and of  peaceful transfer of power,” opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan said in public video.

Police arrested Nikol and PM Serzh asked Nikol to stop protest and asked to participate in Parliament debate. Referendum  to happen in 2020.

Talk have failed to take place between opposition leader  Nikol  Pashinyan and the PM of Armenia .  PM Serzh Sargysyan elected last week on 17 April 2018. Serjh sargsyan  refused to meet  opposition leaders Nikol Pashinyan heading protest for ten days. PM Serzh Sargsyan  said Opposition  leader Nikol wsnts resignation of the PM Serzh  and want snap polls.

PM who is attributed  with such  wide excutive powers to rule.


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