Peaceful demonstration will be held who support the accused

Justice Sodhi should also probe corruption, Rs 129 crores liability


And reason for seeking bank loans byDSGMC together with molestation complaints.

Peaceful demonstration in front of the residences of office bearers and members-DSGMC will be held who support the accused.

New Delhi- 21 April While addressing a press conference here today, Bibi Harmeet Kaur Walia, President, Woman Wing, ShiromaniAkali Dal Delhi said that the DSGMC has appointed Justice R.S. Sodhi (Retired High Court Judge) to inquire intothe complaints of molestation and misbehaviour against General Manager and Deputy General Manager filed bya woman. She said that although, President and General Secretary-DSGMC had already formed separate inquirycommittees, which are investigating the matter. She reiterated that investigation by the police in the matter is inprogress in that event department inquiry by Justice Sodhi will be an attempt of G.K. to save the skin of hisfavourate employees. She further said that the Sikhs demand that Justice Sodhi should investigate that how inthe last five years the DSGMC owed liability of Rs 129 crore? whereas in February 2013 the DSGMC was inprofit and the reasons that compelled to take loan from banks? And who is responsible for gross corruption in thecommittee?Bibi Walia said that Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi has been repeatedly cautioned the Sikhs through media about thewomen employees being sexually exploited by the officials of the DSGMC and members of the Badal Dal, whichnow proved true. She said that the way anticipatory bail applications of these accused officers are rejected by thePatiala House Court despite furiously defended by the DSGMC legal Cell (Advocates) which defamed theDSGMC world over. She said further that history has witnessed that Sikhs had rescued women and girls from theclutches of Afghan invaders but it is disgraceful that today women employees and job seeker ladies are not safein the Badal Dal ruled second largest religious institution of the Sikhs. She reiterated that after defamingDSGMC, Badal Dal members have left with no rights to continue in the committee and should resign immediatelyfrom their positions.Bibi Walia challenged that if the office bearers and members of the DSGMC will not stop supporting the culpritsof criminal acts against women, the workers of the Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi, women wing will be constrained tohold peaceful demonstrations in front of the residence of such membe

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