SC query on turban most ridiculous, farcical in India’s judicial history: S. Sarna

NEW DELHI, Apr 21 —Already battling a serious credibility crisis because of an
impeachment motion against its CJI, India’s Supreme Court’s questioning of the Sikh turban has reduced the country’s highest judicial institution into a farce, SADD Chief Paramjit Singh Sarna thundered Saturday.
“What right does the Supreme Court or as a matter of fact anyone has to put a question mark on the proud symbol of Sikh identity?” asked S. Sarna.
His strong reaction came in the wake of the SC asking questions about the relevance of th
Sikh turban in response to a Sikh cyclist’s petition refusing to wear a helmet.
“Did any judge ask the Sikhs to shed their turbans when they fought and died on the
frontline? Could this bench pose this most ridiculous question to Justice Kehar when he was the CJI? Could any SC judge ask Dr Manmohan Singh why he wore a turban while leading  country for 10 years? Why such question by India’s highest court is asked now? Whose interest does it want to serve?” the SADD president wondered.
He reminded the bench questioning the Sikh turban to refresh its own understanding of
India’s history and the place the Sikh turbans hold in it.
“You better first put your own house in order,” S. Sarna reminded the SC. “Supreme Court judges have been fighting publicly with each other for supremacy. The CJI himself is entangled in a profound credibility crisis, with an impeachment motion against him. Tens of thousands of cases are lying pending in lower judiciary. Nothing is being done to improve standards of justice-delivery systems. But you have all the time at your disposal to dabble yourself in principles core to religious ideologies in secular India,” noted S. Sarna.
He warned the SC not to interfere in religious matters of any community anymore. “You have a lot on your plate already. Perform your primary duty to protect the legal, human, civil and religious rights of the people that are under attack. Intoxicated by power, don’t be delusional that the Sikhs will accept your ludicrous interference in their religion hands down. We will just not,” warned S. Sarn

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