Opposition & Congress, Misstep


Balraj Sagar

Congress is adopting a drastically wrong step by asking for impeachment of Chief Justice of India. It is a threat being hurled upon judiciary that they will impeach any judge that does not tow their line. It is a step to compel judges to become mere puppets. The process will bring to an end independence of judiciary and create total lawlessness. In other words, they feel that there is no need of judiciary.

When it is not independent and is to give verdicts as per wishes of others, there is no need of judiciary. If politicians are supreme and not under any rule what so ever, no administrative set up, no department is required. Let them run the government as per their whims without any law, without any constitution and make mockery of democracy.

To-day, they venture to impeach Chief Justice, tomorrow the President, Vice-President, PM, Election Commission, CAG and so on. If the states also follow the tradition, havoc may be done. Any law maker or a group of them able to muster support of 50 of them will be instrumental to defame and impeach any constitutional authority.

Congress and other signatories of this petition do not visualize its far reaching consequences. They are blind to any reason. Their aim is to give the country in the hands of illiterate autocrats and ruin it altogether. What type of leaders are they?

By Balraj Sagar.


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