Delhi Needs ‘Chief Technology Officer’ Not Political Advisers  

April23, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

CTO in all Multinationals ensures seamless Technical Progress, IPR Creation & Advanced Tech Product Development. Indian companies and Government largely have no CTO. Development is FREQUENTLY hindered, Derailed & Hijacked.

Nehru had ‘Director General of Technical Development’ or DGTD for short. Every project private or PSU was cleared by this office. DGTD was gradually corrupted and then dismantled. Planning Commission didn’t take functions of DGTD in Planning Matters – Limited itself to Financial Management and even this was dismantled in 2014.

India is not able TAKE CRITICAL decisions – To Have Strong Patent Office or Lame Duck Patent Office, Water Storage in Dams or Johads,Food Processing at Farms or Distant Factories, Grains Storage at Farms or with Urban Traders, Canal Water for Drinking or Tube-Well,Hydro Power or Thermal Power, Pithead Power or at Load Centers,Rooftop Solar or Mega Solar Farms, Electric Buses or Battery Buses,Broad Gauge Metro Interconnected With Main Lines or Standard Gauge Independent Tracks, 24 hour Water Supply No Home Storage & Pumping or 1 hour Water Supply, CNG Buses or Euro IV to VI Diesel Buses, Call Centers in Gurgaon or Delhi, Wholesale Markets or Sabzi Mandi in Old Delhi or all Pin Code Areas, Schools within 1-2 kilometers or No Policy, High Tech Industries or Polluting Factories,Open Sewage Drains or Sewer Lines, Car Parking On Streets or Within Homes, Raw Foods Retail or Clean Foods Delivery, Streets Cleaned By Brooms or Washed Weekly & Vacuum Cleaning, Solar Water Heating or Electric Geysers, Potable Water Supply or Water Purifies in Every Home, Free Entry to Colonies or Restricted Entry during Day Time, Public Consultation or Contractor Driven Decisions —-.

Some Colonies may have 50 Saloons, 100 Banks, 20 Dental Clinics, 50 Coffee Shops & Restaurants but No Fruits & Vegetable Shop or Too Few Halwai Shop or Organized Retail and all Shops, Offices & Businesses are without Parking.

Home Consumers are BASE LOAD [24×365 Hours] of Electricity Distributors, Shops 9×310, Offices 6×280 hour of use. Fixed Cost Per Unit for Home Consumers should be zero – 200% for Shops & 300% for Offices. But recent DERC Tariff Order increased Fixed Cost to Domestic Consumers manifold.

Delhi may resume DESU Policy – separate Light & Power Connections – Billing. Zero Fixed Cost for Low Tariff for Lights, Fans, Desert Cooler, Refrigerators, TVs, Computers etc – High Tariff for ACs, Geysers and Maximum for Lifts Operated for 30m to 2 hours Per day in Domestic/Office.

Storage Dams on Yamuna is 1st Priority for Sustained Potable Water Supply.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

Published by Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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