Film, “Hamari Paltan”

Hamari Paltan: the last film of veteran actor Tom Alter, all set to release on 27th April

   The veteran actor who will be remembered for his brilliant acting, Tom Alter will be seen in his last feature film Hamari Paltan. The film will release on 27th April. Directed and written by Jainendra Jigyasu. It will be the last feature film where Tom Alter will be seen on the big screen.

   As per the sources revealed, everyone’s beloved Tom was totally impressed by the theme of the film. The winner of Padma Shri awards Tom Alter, who was stereotyped as the perennial British man in Bollywood will be seen as one of the pivotal roles in the film.

   Well, Movie revolves around children from two separate backgrounds, who become friends through the game. These kids start a movement by getting inspired by a retired professor.

   The movie also showcase some brilliant performances by Late Tom alter, Manoj Bakshi, along with some Exceptionally Talented child actors as well. This movie is a humble attempt towards creating awareness about environment protection and the importance of natural resources, through the means of entertainment

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