Asia Society : AECOM: Imagine 2060 : Delivering Tomorrow’s Cities together : Imagine Delhi: Towards Clear Sky




Goh Chok Tong Former PM of Singapore address  Keynote speaker visited Calcutta 1995 so went for stroll but could not due to poor quality of air. Delhi mega hub of urban growth need to  work towards Clear Sky. Is government  stringent policies. The Singapore  indutry regulation were imposed for clear sky and fined for pollution for fine city. PM of state must have knowledge of plants and power,  Singapore is city nation in park not country with park.The clear sky  help to bring best organisation  to establish in Singapore.


Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog, India journy of urbanism has gone not on US but blend with Singapore  model of compactness and vertical  growth.

Transport contributes continous polluting air clean fuel, electric  generation need better clean fuel. Houses need to use gas fuel, LPG.

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