Italian Movies :Istituto Italiano di Cultura New Delhi

Cinema At The Institute: Through the history of Italian films

Focus 3: Italian Road Movies

Why do we like road movies so much? The answer might not be so simple, perhaps it is because road movies respond to our boundary-breaking impulses. In road-movies the main characters (and, therefore, the audiences) can escape from the routine of everyday life and, in doing so, they can change their perspective and evolve.
In this Road Movies focus, we will attempt at tracing a genealogy of the genre, from the pioneering road movies of the Post-World War II to the most recent ones.

We will open the cycle with Dino Risi’s “Il Sorpasso”, a cult movie shot in 1962 and often credited as an inspiration for the most quintessential of American road movies, the legendary Dennis Hopper’s “Easy Rider”.

May, 3rd – Il Sorpasso (An Easy Life) – by Dino Risi (1962)
May, 10th – La Strada – by Federico Fellini (1954)
May, 17th – Professione Reporter (The Passenger) – by Michelangelo Antonioni (1975)
May, 24th – Puerto Escondido – by Gabriele Salvatores (1992)
May, 31st – Caro Diario – by Nanni Moretti (1993)
June, 7th – Italian Sud Est – by Fluid Video Crew (2003)
June, 14th – La Pazza Gioia – by Paolo Virzi (2016)
June, 21st – Taranta On The Road – by Salvatore Allocca (2017)

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