Why India is still defence buyer ?

Indian defence equipment manufaturers except Bharat Electronics Ltd has achieved some indiginious expertise in radars but other Defense Research Design various organisation in DRDO HAL do not match the latest military and services requirements for army air or maritime.with periodic and long drawn of sanctions has also aggrieved the defence manufaturing bonanza.

We are more dependent on Russian India defence deals which has made bare minmium expertise to be in race but the joint venture companies with defence companies of Israel Russia UK France Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, is our utmost need to outreach to get to best indigineous equipment  in the sector of Rocket, Avaiation, Cargo fighters, plane, Maritime -Cargo Ships, Carriers ships, Submarines, nuclear missiles,  launcher from air – surface misseles with short to long range misseles we are making headways submarines to misseles.

India has been able to see to some important breakthrough but the ministry of defence need to make initiative to make an effort to bring best of technology of defence to our dispoal rather than acting as an ultimate authority for things crawl brawl at their levels the expertise of foreign companies need to be welcomed and nodal officer must visit defence global ehibition to rope in best of technology.

Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said April 11 at DefExpo, a biennial defense exhibition that opened in the city of Chennai on the same day.

 She later expressed doubts over pushing homemade equipment. “I can’t for a moment imagine that I will prevail upon them that they necessarily buy what is Indian,” she said.

India has the fifth-largest defense budget in the world, yet buys 60% of its arms from overseas. The Defense Research and Development Organization works on Indian-made products, but frequent delays usually render the equipment outdated by the time it comes off the production lines.The speed with which we prepare and make an efforts in traditional way we shall always  lag behind fifty years unless Research and Development gets modern outlook with latest technology given priority.

India’s defense industry received $5.12 million in foreign direct investment during April 2002 to December 2017, according to government  On other hand the  Service sectors and Mobiles or telecommunications industry each attracted $64 billion and $30 billion, respectively.

Red tape delay in decesion lack of experts at ministry desk in the ministry each tech innovation is an opaque commodity needs big bird eye view keeps the defence sector not crawl brawl.Most important is meritocracy must prevail on innovation and research and we must be absolutely  free from neoptism.New technoligy ought to given free hand tax holiday and other capital benefits.

Defence deals are subject to government  scrutiny but if prices are abnormally high the public scrutiny and Political pay out scams are the order of yhe day.

Political adherrances of defence deals are  trust deficit thus the manufacturing and technology  cost automatically escalate being big bite. Both public accountability and transparency in defence deals in paramount.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s  plan unveiled in 2014 to spend $250 billion on modernizing the military is slow to take off as lack of slow sluggish nature official slumper on decesion added to strict procurement rules, prolonged delays and red-tapism makes policy obsolete.

But ambition of the government is racing  to transform the sector with private holdibg of share sales of several state-owned defense companies, including Hindustan Aeronautics and Bharat Dynamics. Last year, Cochin Shipyard, the largest state-run shipyard to publuc  India plan exports in defence along with largest imports so as  to grow its arms exports to 350 billion rupees, and miilion employment.

To reduce imported bill of the arms, the draft policy is aiming for India to become a production base for various defense products such as fighter jets, medium lift and light utility helicopters, warships, missile systems, land combat vehicles, surveillance systems and electronic warfare systems an ambitious  dream but on ground the plan without ant man management  to excute tge plan hover in air an ideation of best security for the nation but executers denand creamy cake thus fail to rail.

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