Mobile sector regulatory at Glance

Dear Mobile leaders. Lots of things are happening in mobile sector regulatory aspects. I am giving them hereunder. I am interested to know if friends are interested to know details and does issue affect them. Then pl send me email/phone number and we will enlist you for updates:
i) Mandatory testing from TEC by which all mobiles (imported or locally made) would need a TEC Certificate from 1.10.2018. The specifications for testing are being made now and known as Essential Requirements(ER). There are issues on series/test procedures/test fees/time lines/absence of labs etc.
ii) SAR test is not mandatory, but based on self certificate. But lots of members are forced to pay 500-1000 USD for each consignment/model.
iii) UAP is not mandatory, but several members are forced to pay 1000 US $
iv) ROHS certificate is not mandatory, but lots of members are forced to pay heavy fees every time.
v) IPv 6 certificate is not mandatory, but lots of members are paying heavy fees for its certificate.
vi) The IMEI certificate is required once for TAC, but lots of members are paying additional 500 USD for each consignment.
vii) Each member is supposed to have a password for their GSMA account, but seldom members have and in that absence they depend on someone else and pay fees and remain out of touch of GSMA. On large the GSMA form for IMEI is filled by some intermediate persons and he enters fake/non genuine email. Members are not aware of the same.
viii) CEIR does not envisage any certificate, but some members are paying 500 USD for each model.
ix) Non clarity on duties on PMP, Panic Button, GPRS, Indian languages.
x) Issues connected with BIS testings.
Prof NK Goyal, Chairman TEMA-Telecom Equipment Manufacturers 

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