US military plane crash in Georgia

US military transport aircraft has crashed onto a highway in the southern US state of Georgia. The Associated Press reports authorities said none of the 9 people on board survived.

The C130 cargo plane belonged to the Air National Guard of Puerto Rico, a US territory. It crashed on an intersection of a major highway on Wednesday, shortly after taking off from a military base in Savannah, eastern Georgia.

Surveillance camera footage shows the aircraft going into a nosedive, and sending up a large fireball and black smoke after it hits the ground.

Photos and videos taken at the site of the crash show heavily damaged aircraft parts, indicating a severe impact.

Local police say there were no casualties on the ground and no damage to vehicles on the road.NHK

The aircraft had been in use for more than 6 decades, and was making its final flight before being retired. The US Air Force is investigating the cause of the crash.

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc: 9 dead after US military plane crash in Georgia #nhk Abe in Jerusalem meet Israel Netanyahu hold Super for Abe and his wife.Macron visit Australia Turnbull.Trump meet Kim NK in Singapore? Trump Later visit UK 13 July May said.Egypt journo dentained extended.
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9 dead after US military plane crash in Georgia #nhk_world_news
9 dead after US military plane crash in Georgia- News – NHK WORLD – English


Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar


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