TASVEER by Derry Moore

       (Rahul Bali, Senior Correspondent, Sagar Media Inc, Delhi)

An exhibition at Bikaner House in New Delhi displaying very rare portraits of Indian buildings photographed by Derry Moore, the 12th Earl of Drogheda who made his name photographing the interiors and portraits of European aristocracy, including those of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Queen mother was organized. This exhibition features a selection of colonialism on the fabric of Indian society, customs and life. Derry Moore photographed the architectural work of British and European in the “shadow of the Raj”. These fascinating, eye-catching, highly captivating photographs are the rare masterpiece of art.

Moore was particularly taken with the anachronistic architecture of Calcutta and Bombay which presented palpable, material traces of hybridity that fascinated him. Lovers, connoisseurs from the elite class having a knowledge, passion, and taste for the work of art participated in the exhibition. Mr. Naresh Sagar, MD, Sagar Media Inc and Rahul Bali, Bureau Chief of the Asian Independent UK interacted with Khushboo Talwar, the Tasveer Gallery during the exhibition.

Tasveer began as the first pan-Indian gallery dedicated exclusively to photography, founded by Abhishek Poddar, Shalini Gupta, and Naveen Kishore. The gallery is now the premiere photography venue in India, having a head office in Bengaluru. Tasveer parallels its exhibition programme with other special events, lecture, outreach activities and publications.

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