Punjab history is an Indian History


Briefing media Punjabi Intellecuals said the punjab board of education has deliberately made punjab history with tag of Sikh history and has marginalised its ethos of bravery and marshal qualities.Punjab being buffer state with various kingdom has always been rock solid border for invaders to intrude in main land India.

Punjab history is not state history but a proud national history and therefore 12 th class text book Sikh history labeling is not community history but it is chapter of Indian history.Those present VC Dr Jaspal Singh, Ex RS Member Trilochan Singh brought to the notice of media that chapter 22 of text book of 12 class has been removed which is deliberately  done to keep youngster ignorance  of punjab history which is full of nationalism and love of patriotism. Further added to the media by abridging or briefing the Punjab history is diluting the national history.Punjab lies on North West boder was chiefly instrumental in halting invaders from time to time during ancient and medivial history and is full of praises of patriotism and marshal attitude any step to diluting the Punjab history by its  education board is step towards diluting nationalism and patriotism.

Addressing media the spokesperson of Punjabi Intelleucals said it is an interest of all Indians if governments draft monitoring council under Ministry of HRD to get stock of the text book actual blurring from the subject.

Sikh History taught in 11 class in open schools is not right criteria as those students appearing for board examination go for 12 class text books and therefore nefarious design to dilute ot sideline Punjab history in true spirit.

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