Mayor of Zhytomyr Ukraine in conversation with Indian Industrialists

The Mayor of Zhytomyr, Ukraine Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, deliberated with various industrialist on the feasibility of Indian companies to invest in Ukraine, the country with a population of 4 millions people at the gateway of Eastern Europe with a FTA with the union and is with 3.5% growth is hub of industrial growth with its market  in Europe and pan Asian countries.

Ukraine is rich with natural resources for agricultural context with rich and fertile soil with abundance of palatable water  and its proximity with ease of business is  golden opportunity for the upcoming companies and big companies from India to invest in Ukraine with frugal input cost of Capital and recurring cost thus corporate wish to upscale their business with Europeans countries and wish to export back to Asian countries wish to exports  to other countries for their products to be competitive the Mayor of Zhytomyr, Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, explained the government initiative to give Indian companies the cluster or industrial zone with lots of Industrial facilities which they have given to the Chinese companies in the past  but the Chinese  are more interested in creating the infra structure on transport, Ukraine finds Indian companies present in Ukraine such as Tatas, Ashok Leyand, Mahindras and Sun pharma are doling exceedingly well thus invite more Indian corporate to invest in   Zhytomyr, Ukraine . Two countries having trade of 2.1 billion dollar last years look forward for better growth in two nation trade.

The objective of Mayor’s visit to India is look for business prospects in the fields of IT, solar energy, and infrastructure projects among others.  Interaction with Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, Seminar on Industrial Growth: Mayor of Zhytomyr Ukraine on 7 May 2018 from 1000 hrs onwards at the Hall No 3 Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra (PBK), Chanakyapuri.

The best part of the deliberation was the Mr Deepak chairing the session conducted the deliberation in most professional order with an introduction of each Industrialist or support companies and thereby address by the chief Guest the  Mayor of Zhytomyr Ukraine and taking up questions till last for the clarifications sought from Visa to business need were excellently answered by the Mayor and accompanied staff of Ukraine Embassy in India. Indian Industrialist gathered the best glimpse of the country and its ease of business with each delegate cheering grace was visible.

The  Mayor of Zhytomyr Ukraine  Mr. Serhii Sukhomlyn, showed the film on Ukraine modern industrial and commercial growth happening at glance with an outlook of the nations approach towards its industrialization.

Ukraine is supplier of high tech block-chain to the global market in Nuclear and other technology and is therefore lucrative investment opportunity destination.


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