Lebanon to form new government

US embassy in Beirut on Tuesday urged all parties in Lebanon to uphold the country’s policy of disassociation from foreign conflicts, media reports.

Lebanon is forming a new government after Hezbollah and its allies won more than half the seats in Sunday’s election. “We urge all parties to uphold Lebanon’s international obligations, including those contained in UN Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701,” the diplomats said in a statement.

Sunday’s parliamentary election was the first in nine years. Hezbollah was the winner. The Shia Muslim party with a military wing which is backed by Iran won a small minority in parliament, and dealt a blow to Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is supported by predominately Sunni Saudi Arabia.

Hariri is expected to form the next government, despite his party losing a third of its seats. It remains the largest Sunni bloc in parliament.

The resolutions relate to the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon and the disarmament of all militias including Hezbollah. Lebanon with rampant, Corruption, regular power cuts, town rubbish piling up on the streets, daily  migrants adding from Syria are the challenges faced by the Prime Minister Saad Hariri,

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