“9th HYDRO VISION CONCLAVE INDIA 2018” and “3rd TRANSgrid INDIA 2018”

Calling ‘Your Goodself’ as a “Special Invitee” to join us at the ENERTIA Foundation forum(s) –GSFI (Grid Smart Forum of India) “3rd TRANSgrid INDIA 2018” HyFi (Hydropower Forum of India) & Falcon Media Organized and concurrent – “9th HYDRO VISION CONCLAVE INDIA 2018”

10th May 2018

Shri Naresh Kumar Sagar


Sagar Media In Enkaysagar Holdings P Ltd.

C-1-106, Janakpuri, 

New Delhi- 110 058

M: +91 9810974027

E: nksagar@rediffmail.comnksagar_1@yahoo.com

Dear Shri Naresh Kumar Sagar  ji,

Sub. :   Calling ‘Your Goodself’ as a “Special Invitee” to join us at theENERTIA Foundation forum(s) –GSFI (Grid Smart Forum of India) “3rdTRANSgrid INDIA 2018” HyFi (Hydropower Forum of India) & Falcon Media Organized and concurrent – “9th HYDRO VISION CONCLAVE INDIA 2018” 


A)   “3rd TRANSGrid INDIA 2018”

–   Power Sector “Issues of Transmission Expansion”

–   Grid Integration of Renewable Energy (RE)

–   Reliable, Stable, Sustainable & Smart Grid

–   Distribution Efficiency & Power System Automation 

B) “9th HYDRO VISION Conclave INDIA 2018”

 –   “Ujwal Jalprawaha + UJWAL Urja for Ujwal Bharat”

 –   Resurgent Hydro : WaterPower – 100 GW+ by 202

    Doubling Water Per Capita Availability to 200 Litres per day (includes  Overall usages– Agro, Industrial,

      Government & Domestic Consumption)

 –   Increasing Arable Agricultural Land from 25% to 50%


Day & Date:

Friday, 25th May 2018


10.30 am onwards (followed by Luncheon).


SCOPE Convention Centre – “Tagore Chambers”, Core No. 8, SCOPE Complex, 7 Lodi Road, New Delhi

GREETINGS to “YOUR GOODSELF” from the Prof. A. G. Iyer, President & Chairperson of “ENERTIA Foundation” forums “Grid Smart Forum of India – GSFI” & “Hydropower Forum of India – HyFi” and Editor-in-Chief of our Official Publication“ENERTIA – Asia’s Premier Journal on Sustainable Energy, Power & Renewables”, its holding publishing entity, ‘Falcon Media’ and Team. 

INDIA achieved a “Unified Grid” in 2013 when Southern Grid was connected to the “Rest-of-India” and was into a “One Nation – One Grid – One Frequency” and its Sustainability, finally shaping into a “One Price of Power (Electricity)” by 2022 on a National Scale for each separate customer segment namely Domestic Households, Agricultural / Farm, Industrial, Commercial & Government establishments, etc. 

INDIA’s Futuristic Roadmap for bringing back Share of Hydropower Renewable to 25-30% of National Power Generation Mix (NPGM) from the present record low of 12% level. (North Eastern, Northern & Eastern Upheaval for Storage Based Projects including Pumped Storage + Exploiting Fullest Potentials of Medium & SHPs in Western & Southern India) + Indo-Bhutan Hydropower Bilateral Co-Operation in Focus. 

It is our pleasure, vide this letter, to announce and extend our cordial invitation to“YOUR GOODSELF” to join as a SPECIAL INVITEE” to this Exclusive“Summit & Conclave” (Please find the “Brochure” attachment for the same) 

NB :      RSVP :  Steffi Iyer, Coordinator – HyFI & GSFI (M : + 91 – 92244 07245) / Poonam Mate (M : + 91 – 90297 88997)

REPA (Renewable Energy Promotion Association) India’s Apex National Umbrella Organization and Sole Non-Profit body for Promotion of Renewable Energy in India, SAARC and Asia at large is the support body (Non-Profit cause) and NDIM (New Delhi Institute of Management) are partnering this “3rd TRANSGrid INDIA 2018” and Concurrent with “9th HYDRO VISION CONCLAVE INDIA 2018”.

Looking forward t your valued lines of consent/ confirmation of joining the deliberations on 25th May 2018 (10.30am – 2.00pm followed by luncheon).

With Warm Regards & Best Wishes



R. Thiagarajan Iyer

Editorial Director – ENERTIA

Convenor –GSFI (Grid Smart Forum of India) &

HyFI (Hydropower Forum of INDIA)

M : +91-75887 13573

E : enertiafoundation@gmail.com

ENERTIA Foundation Website : www.enertiafoundation.org

Falcon Media Website : www.falconmedia.co.in

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