“Get into the mind of the millennial”

Dear Members,

We are pleased to Invite you for a Masterclass on The Psychology to Business- Chapter 1: “Get into the mind of the millennial”

Date: Tuesday, 15th May

Time: 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Address: NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Plot No 1, Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Gurgaon

Location: https://goo.gl/2eqkdn

Registration Link: https://in.explara.com/e/the-psychology-to-business-masterclass

This is the first in the series of The Psychology to Business Masterclass. The masterclass are designed to:

  • Bring concepts of from psychology to life for businesses.
  • Help clients build more science into their talent management programs.
  • To uncover popular myths and misplaced assumptions that organization use when assessing or modifying behavior at the workplace.

This class answers questions about Millennials- the generation that has us guessing. Get behind the scenes to know WHY millennials behave the way they do – The psychology to it all is quite surprising !

The 4 hour class will weave in perspectives from

  1. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy
  2. Erickson’s Psycho-socialDevelopment Theory
  3. Donald Super’s Career Rainbow

By the end of the class participants are able to

  • Segment their millennial population into career readiness categories and develop customisedstrategy for their engagement and retention.
  • Understand their employees/ children better – understand the WHY behind their unique behaviour.

Speaker Profile:

Radhika Bhalla

Organization Psychologist- Quadrangle Consulting

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/radhika-bhalla-261a843

The Session is free for Members to attend, but prior Registration is Mandatory.


Chetan Sharma

P.S- Noida Members Please register for the same session in Noida on 18th May*

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