Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) Mobile app launched


Union Minister of Science & Technology, Earth Sciences and Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. Harsh Vardhan  today launched a Mobile App on Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) at Ganga auditorium, Ground floor, Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, New Delhi.


GSDP -Green skill development programme is a Moef -Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change initiative to develop skills from primary skills,semi skills, middle level management and assistant levels skills for high tech skill which is an utmost need in various sectors from botany, zoology, biotechnology, bio diversity, air & dust pollution, waste management, forest maintenance. Such technician, assistant, eco- guides are required at mass levels to educate, bring awareness about the Green energy to mitigate emission level thus to explain the importance of each subject to to inculcate awareness about  the special subjects within the precincts of environment and climate change.  Hence Ministry is taking up the projects to train new breed of skill required for marine,coastal belts, forest, which can keep balance of technology and its knowledge to be sustainable, non-degradable, recycle state for the welfare of the masses.

GSDP focus on skill development on school drop out who are eighteen years and above to train then on Green Skills development programme. Dr Anandi, Moef said our country has 31% of drop out and therefore it is very essential to train them with foundation and certificate programme to skill them an initiative by two reputed institute, Botanical survey of India  and Zoological survey of India, both institutions are more than hundred years old.

Thirty GSDP course to be conducted & some of the projects are -:

1.Value addition and marketing of NTFPs Plant origin

a. Lantana Furniture and crafts

b Coconut shells & Fibre Handicrafts

c. Bamboo Crafts

d. NTFP Products/ Medicinal Plants

2. Community based conservation of mangroves Ecosystem Class 10 drop out.

3. Value addition & marketing of NTFPs Animal origin.

a. wild bee keeping and processing

b. Lac & Tassar Cultivation.

3. Quality Planting Material Producer.

4. Nature Conservation & Livelihood.   River based,Nature Interpretation,eco tourism,scuba Diving for marine life conversations.

The ministry spokesperson briefed, the results of the pilots projects are very encouraging and these scale of courses shall extend to 84 other areas of environment and climate such as Pollution control,waste management, CBDA. The students are gaining confidence in Green Skills for middle level skill workers for the  support of  Green technology of high tech in nature. Skill gradations and valuation of Eco- system services training imparted under certificate and  skill gradation by the  performance reports.

Ministry is soon to give thirty course in eighty four classification which can yield upto 2021 5.5 Lakh employment to the drop out youths and this shall grow to two three time more with skill transfer in natural course.

Dr Harsh vardhan Minister for environment said that with the vision of PM Mr Modi  to train and skill the youth of India in various field and sectors so the ministry last year completed its pilot projects and we are therefore launching GSDP mobile app with all necessary and relevant information for the Green skill development training programme extensively illustrated on this app.

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