Congress approached JDS to a coalition government in Karnataka

Media Reports say the Congress has approached JDS to a coalition government  together an alliance if the BJP fails to reach the halfway mark. The JDS has accepted the Congress party’s offer that HD Kumaraswamy be the CM candidate, say reports.

Media Reports further  say that Sonia Gandhi and Ghulam Nabi Azad have spoken to JDS chief Deve Gowda.  Even before the leads suggested a Congress rout, senior leader Mallikarjuna Kharge suggested this morning, that the party was open to an alliance with the JDS.

The JDS has been non-committal about the BJP as well as Congress. Siddaramaiah’s willingness to step down from the CM’s post could be a decider for Deve Gowda to extend his support to the Congress. The JDS has said it is the Congress’s “responsibility” to reach out if it did not get majority.

The leads so far: BJP: 106, Cong: 73, JDS: 41, Others: 2

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