BJP defacto CM sworn in Bengaluru

Election results with fractured mandate,hung assembly, Governor invite BJP leader form the minority  government, Quickly Congress called midnight petition in apex court propel  the midnight hearing in sitting proceeds of SC.  Early hours SC ruling against BJP invite for the formation of government in Bengaluru, SC in the morning wee hours at 5 am gave for the historical ruling of Governor to be executed in total. In lieu of this caveat BSY gets the chance, his third time to be defacto CM, so  he has to prove majority, till 21 May to be dejure CM. BJP is the single largest group but short of majority hence ipso facto is the defacto CM.
BJP leader  Lingayat strongman BS Yeddyurappa was on Thursday sworn-in as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka by Governor Vajubhai Vala.
 BS Yeddyurappa takes oath as Karnataka CM amid protest by Congress, Janata Dal-Secular.
Senior lawyer and Ram Jethmalani today moved the SC in his personal capacity against the Karnataka governor’s decision to invite the BJP to form government in the state.
IE Tweets :After swearing in, slams for ‘opportunist’ offer to JD(S).

What is happening in Karnataka today is a rehearsal for what will happen after the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi.

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