BJP’s LG stands exposed of misusing Delhi Police to harass elected representatives





Delhi Police has been continuously arresting the elected MLAs of  the AAP on false allegations and made-up cases as ordered by the BJP. The police has tried its level best to prepare wrong chargesheets against the MLAs , in order to defame their image and humiliate them.

AAP chief spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said in a press conference that the MLAs of AAP are ill treated and their arrest is made public in order to spoil their image. The BJP’s central government was very much interested in the formation of fast track court which according to them could help them in proceeding in the cases against MLAs much faster so that  the CM, ministers and the MLAs of AAP could be sent behind the bars as soon as possible. But in courts of law, truth and justice have prevailed and false cases against elected representatives of Delhi are falling flat one by one.

The court has also warned and scolded the Delhi Police for putting wrong allegations and filing false cases inspired by politics against the innocent.

We were expecting that the LG would write to the Police Commissioner and enquire about how the innocents are being framed and put behind bars for no reason and a detailed investigation should be done on the Delhi Police, which has unfortunately become the personal cell of BJP where they can frame political opponents, make up their own stories and file cases and put anyone in prison.

But to our utter surprise, a shocking evidence has been revealed, which states that instead of enquiring about the careless deeds of Delhi Police, the BJP’s LG has written a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner, asking about how and why the MLAs are getting acquitted and how cases against them are being quashed one by one, the LG has asked for report from the police that within one week how are the MLAs have been proved to be innocent.

The BJP’s LG is specially bothered about how did  Amanatullah Khan got a dignified release from the jail and the case against him was quashed by the court. The Delhi Police was also scolded for reopening a five year old case again  in 2015, after Amanatullah Khan was elected as an MLA.

This is very unfortunate, that the LG, who holds a constitutional post, is worried about how the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy CM Manish Shishodia, Kailash Gehlot, Naresh Balyan and Manoj Kumar MLA from Kondli were acquitted in courts, whereas the LG wanted them to be behind bars.

This act of BJP’s LG is really shameful not because he is the LG but because it is not his age to perform so many sins and rather focus on good deeds and earn respect.

It is beyond any reasonable understanding as to why the LG, who is incharge of Delhi Police is misusing this force, instead of concentrating on the safety and security of the residents of Delhi, given the fact that women safety is one of the major concerns of the residents of Delhi.

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