From “Bahut Hui Petrol Ki Maar” to “Abki baar petrol 80 ke paar” BJP has left no stone unturned to bother the public..101_2559

The petroleum products in India is facing all time rise and are affecting the pockets of people severely. From last nine days the constant rise in price of petrol and diesel have proved that the Modi government is working against the public and has prepared a good strategy to rob people through taxes. The AAP National Spokesperson Dilip Pandey said in a press conference that BJP was just waiting for the Karnataka Elections to get over. There was not a rise of a single penny during the tewnty days election process and immediately after election 2 rupees hike was seen and from that day the rise in petroleum products started facing daily hikes in the price all over the country. The interesting fact is that PM Modi is always trying to gain appreciations and sympathy from public by mentioning himself as the lucky charm for the Indian politics but now when the whole country is feeling cheated and unfortunate to have a leader who promised to remove poverty and make the country inflation free is the same person responsible for the increased poverty in the country and the suffering public, now has nothing to speak on the issue.

AAP Leader Dilip Pandey  also questioned the centre to provide an answer that why despite the fall in the price of crude oil in the International market the price of petroleums products has not come down? Why is PM Modi now not taking the credit for the extreme rise in the price of fuel? We all know that since when the modi government came into power in the year2014-2016 the price of crude oil in the International market has been facing continuous fall. Talking about bringing good luck with him PM modi has really spoilt the luck of the public and made them poor. The central excise duty on the petroleum products have been increased 9 times from the year 2014 when BJP government was formed. There was actually no need for BJP to rob people’s hard earned money and fill their own pockets. In the year 2014 the central excise duty on petroleum products was Rs9.20 per liter but the BJP government initiated a 212% increase in the duty and taking the price to Rs19.48 per liter in 2 years. If we talk about diesel the situation is even worst because the price of diesel was Rs 3.46 per liter in the international market in the year 2014 but it has been raised by 450% and the price has been brought to Rs 15.33 per liter.

We all are aware of the cost cutting process which we have to face seeing the increasing price of goods and commodities in the market. The budget of every house is disturbed and the transportation cost on every goods and items increase simultaneously with the rise in petrol price. The party that criticized all its opponents and shouted slogans on top of their voice has nothing to speak now when they are responsible for all the inconvenience caused to the public. From shouting “Bahut hui mehengai ki maar, abki baar modi sarkar” to the frustrated people shouting “bahut hui mehengai ki maar, abki baar 80 ke paar” BJP has proved its corrupt governance.

Speaking to the media leader Dilip Pandey put the following questions to the BJP government on the fuel price rise:

1.      Who has benefited from this price hike?

2.      Why did Modi government not reduce petrol/diesel prices when these were falling in the international market?

3.      How will Modi government now control the situation when it has no control over the international market price?

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