Dear Naresh Sagar,First of all thank you.


Dear Naresh Sagar

Message from the Chairman
I take this opportunity to write to all our candidates,supporters and volunteers to update you on our progress over the last 3 months.

First of all thank you.

It has been an incredibly busy three months and our achievement is just short of sensational!
We had our candidate launch in London on the 3rd February and we received another 300 candidate applications. We  followed this with our Press Launch in Westminster which gained us a further 500 candidate applications and a significant amount of press coverage.
We then launched our Listen to Britain tour with two of our Principals travelling around Britain
giving talks at 10 universities and engaged with the public in 20 cities, engaging hundreds if not thousands of people. These trips gathered information on concerns of the public which together with the results of our online survey are helping us formulate policy.
We have formed seven sub committees tasked with formulating policies on seven key areas: Education, Economy, Environment and Renewable Energy, Health, Housing, Foreign Affairs Defence and Security and Immigration.We hope to announce more policy findings in late summer, once the People and the Experts have spoken.This will only be the start of the process of collecting ideas to formulate policy.
We have formed an advisory board consisting of 12 dedicated professionals, including our three Principals and a Chief Executive, men and women experienced in different fields and of all ages to support the Board and Executive Committee in strategy and implementation. We have also attending key coordination meetings with Pro Remain groups, MPs, Lords, media and key players  to exchange insights, find common ground and keep channels open for the future.

We have formed a social media team of young people to drive Renew forward, and we now have 13,000 followers on twitter from a base of 3,000 in February. We have refreshed our current website with updated information and we are building a new platform to improve our communications and data management.

We have been crowdfunding particular activities, organising political events and going on marches.

We are in the process of appointing coordinators across the UK and Europe. The purpose of appointing coordinators is to galvanise local support and arrange regional events. We have appointed a coordinator in France to look after our Brits Abroad, with hundreds already supporting Renew in France.We have also fought the local elections in 16 wards and in our three targeted wards we took 10% of the votes.

So what is is store for the next 3 Months?

We will continue developing our regional coordinators throughout Britain.They will then help us organise candidates and supporters in their areas.

We will start training potential candidates in campaigning, media management and practical skills.

We have grown from a few to thousands and the governance structure we developed 8 months ago needs to be updated to reflect this. We have set up a Working Group to develop a new Constitution and a Code of Conduct.

We plan a national Conference in the Autumn.

We will make more of an impact, we will take part in more events, write more letters and articles to your local MP and media, we will call in more radio stations as a Renew Supporters and we will get more people to fill out thesurvey on lineWe will change British politics for the better.
To you all, I say thank you again.But our work is only just beginning. We need your continued help and support.
Richard Breen

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