The Role of Indian Navy in the Changing Security Environment

Sagar Media Inc: Maritime policy Maritime deterrence is important  strategy features in Maritime its application and coordinate other force activities on sea encompasses all of Navy and other forces. Admiral Sunil Lanba gave vivid description of Navy history from Chola dynasty playing an important role and thereafter Maratha too with significant presence but later with the art of Maritime rested with Europeans and thus colonial era began.


His address dwell on the global dynamic with global security strategy was the center of his elaborate address with Indian advancement in strides after rapid growth of Chinese influence in the area of maritime from 2008 onward, Indian government  from 2012 onward moved with baby steps has taken bold initiative since 2015.

With the address and his tone about the national security with latest maritime weaponry, surveillance and coordination with many maritime neighbor nations and our exercises, training foreign navy personals along with a bird view on trades, piracy, illegal drugs trades, oil drilling and fishing are some of the challenges each day coastguards with along with navy face, make an excellent efforts to keep watch and execute national maritime plan for coastal belt of our nation is a commendable efforts.

Further more he said, thousand vessels with navy training on various wings department is in fast pace of rapid technology transfer. Navy is also moving with Fighter carriers and submarines indigenous designed and manufactured with radars and missile launchers ability  along with surveillance of Indian oceans.  The coordination of Indian navy on various counts with neighbor nations to best of its ability  is the pride of navy well explained by Admiral Sunil Lanba in best diction.


Further more, the question- answer session of about more than an hours, a spell bound experience in the  august gathering of  three service persons present, the researchers, the students and media in full glare enjoyed each bit of knowledge so condensed in two hours about Indian Navy from the chief Perspective.

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