Irish abortion referendum

Public cheers for the results of Irish #abortionreferendum in



Lila Rose tweets, Ireland voted to reject the basic human rights of the youngest & most vulnerable human beings.

When a society decides to allow the killing of its children at the whim of adults, it loses its very heart & soul.

To every person that values human life – we must redouble our efforts inIreland, the US, and around the world to protect the innocent.

One day the world will recognize the horror of abortion and mourn the over one billion lives lost in the greatest human tragedy in history.

Evangelicals & GOP try to strip women of their rights in America, Ireland has a historic vote to give woman the right to determine their own healthcare. Well done, Ireland!

Another tweet say, Ireland continues to impress. As the US moves away from women’s reproductive freedom & LGBT rights, Ireland has now moved decisively – via landslides – to legalize a woman’s right to control her body & marriage equality. Congrats to our Irish brothers & sisters!

The outcome is, Wow. 77% of people in Dublin voted YES. 60% of people in rural areas voted YES. 87% of young voters voted YES.

Ireland’s moment of destiny finally gives women choice – a choice still denied millions around the world.

Time for referendum in Scotland and north Ireland

Sinn Fein, calls for a referendum for North Ireland to leave the UK, & rejoin Ireland.

Now North Ireland too shall deserve to have their say.

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