Niine Menstrual Awareness Conclave in Delhi TODAY!!

India get ready, as the Niine movement reaches Delhi to talk about periods on Menstrual Hygiene Day!!India’s Padman Akshay Kumar and other National Change Makers come forward to tackle period taboos on Niine Menstrual Awareness Conclave 2018 in New Delhi

Actor acknowledges Geetanjali as she confidently talks about menstruation, associated taboos and Life-skills programme that helped her understand menstruation and Menstrual hygiene .”The Life-skills programme allowed me to understand menstruation as a natural process. I walked up to my teacher who clarified my doubts over menstruation and now, I am helping my friends understand menstruation as well” – Geetanjali

Harrowing experience to listening of tales of rural eve folks further sad to know that women still use unhygienic methods like hay, leaves and even ash during periods! Join the movement to break period taboos.


Honored to present our panelists for the inaugural Niine Menstrual Awareness Conclave in Delhi TODAY!! Panel 1: Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness: The road to achieving universal awareness.

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