Solidarity of Delhi Medical Association with resident doctors  of SGMH

Dr. Ashwani Goyal
President, DMA


F.75/DMA/2018                                                   30th May 2018

The Health Secretary

Govt. of NCT Delhi

New Delhi


Sub: Solidarity of Delhi Medical Association with resident doctors  of SGMH


Delhi Medical Association is seriously concerned about frequent episodes of assault on doctors in various government and private hospitals. In the last few days, many medical establishments and doctors have witnessed violence and damage to their properties by the attendants of the patients.

DMA condemns the brutal attack on Resident doctors in Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital on 28th May 2018. The medical fraternity is very much perturbed, outraged, appalled and anguished by increasing instances of attack on doctors and Authorities failing to provide security. Our main concern is the famothable degree of the ruthlessness of general population against doctors, vindictive and personal hatred for the fraternity and is propagating day by day.

Every doctor feels desolated in Delhi  over SGMH  issue even on 3rd day of peaceful protest, the government continues to derelict its responsibility of safeguarding interests of the medical fraternity. No efforts have been taken by authorities to encourage despondent fraternity, there is on the act of atonement from the government or the authorities which is disheartening.

The recent attack on the doctor in SGMH glaringly exposes lack of security in the hospital. Around 80 miscreants barged in the office of medical superintendent, well equipped with sharp knives and sticks and attacked doctors including senior residents and senior faculty gathered there for unbiased and fair analysis of the instance happened on 27th May in Paediatrics Emergency. The residents were beaten savagely and needed to be rescued.

On 27th May despite their best efforts doctors could not save a sick of 8 months old patient. Agitated attendants took doctors for hostage and could be rescued by intervention by police only. On 28th May, a committee was constituted and the members were attacked amid inquiry.

This reprobate behavior has left the whole fraternity and doctors in the state of shock and fear. Residents and President and President RDA  of SGMH are being threatened with dire consequences.

Doctors are deprived of every single basic need at workplace be it security of workplace, remunerations, job security or even our mental health. Despite putting most productive years of life in service of mankind and society and being denied our basic right, we are left with mere resentment observing such callous attitude towards us. Hard work done by the resident doctor is denounced by the public and they have to bear the wrath of anguished attendants on day to day basis.

While condemning the assault in strongest terms, Delhi Medical Association urges upon the government of Delhi to take immediate and strong action to apprehended the perpetrators of such heinous crime and ensure that expeditious justice is meted out to them as per law.

Delhi Medical Association will join the protest with SGMH by PEN DOWN and if demands are not met we will force to shut down the healthcare services in the state from 2nd June 2018

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



Dr. Ashwani Goyal

President, DMA

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