Delhi Energy Consumption Growth 18.9%, Load 29.8% 6 Yrs +

June02, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Since Electricity Tariffs for Air-Conditioning Load is reduced this year, when AC Load draws PEAKING HIGH COST POWER should be charged as per peak demand linked tariff, there shall be unusual growth in Peak Load – yesterday i.e. June01, 2018 Peak was 6651 MW at 3:36 PM. Minimum load was 4359 MW at 7:03 AM.

When Electricity Energy consumption grew 29.8% in 6 Years from 5028 MW in Summer 2011 to 6526 MW last year – Energy demand growth was reasonable – 18.9% from26,751 MU to 31,825 MU. This is less than Population Growth.

Obviously there are OPTIONS to Cut Peak Demand.

1.      Promote ROOFTOP Solars – subsidize upto 5 KW Off-Grid Systems. 2,00,000 Installations would add up to 1000 MW in FY2018-19. Rs.50,000 subsidy per installation to Cost Rs.1000 Cr – but Delhi shall save 1500 MU every year worth Rs.1000 Cr annually and avoid 2000 MW Capacity Additions to cost Rs.15,000 Cr or more on Power Projects, Transmission & Distribution network, same for FY2019-20.

2.      Instead of Standard Time for All Shops & Private Offices – Shops on One Side may operate from 6AM to 3PM and other side 1PM to 10 PM. Stocking of Shops could be moved to Early Morning or Late Evening hours. This means SHOPPING LOAD is spread over 16 hours from 9 hrs presently [10:30AM to 7:30PM]

3.      Identify 1000 MW of Generators spread over Delhi to provide PEAKING POWER by Switching to Own Generation for 2 hrs When Delhi Peak Demand Exceed 6000 MW than Load Shedding.

4.      Distribute 5m LED Lamps & 5m Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans – Rs.200 Cr Subsidy @ Rs.100 for LEDs and Rs.300 for Ceiling fan – Reduce 400 MW Load saving Rs.6,000 Cr on New Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution.

Others Programs


5.    Distribute 5 Stage UV Water Purifiers Cost Rs.1500 Each Free to 2m Consumers – Cost Rs.300 Cr shall reduce Water Lost in RO Systems, Same Electricity and Reduce Health Cost.


6.    Storage Dams on Yamuna to Ensure CLEAN, BLUE Water Supply to Water Treatment Plants and To Consumers – 24 hour Water Supply.


7.    Uninterrupted Power to Avoid Home UPS could save 2000 MU of Power.


8.    Energy Efficiency to save 2000 MU to 4000 MU every year.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

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