Secure Ballots to Cost Rs.90 Cr vs Rs.1,80,000 Cr EVM Scam

Secure Ballots to Cost Rs.90 Cr vs Rs.1,80,000 Cr EVM Scam

June03, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Honorable Chief Justice of India,

Supreme Court of India,

New Delhi -110001

Secure Ballots to Cost Rs.90 Cr – Poll Cost Rs.1,80,000 Cr



Secure Ballots for 2019 with many Currency Note Security Features shall cost only Rs.90 Cr – when General Elections 2014 alone cost Rs.20,000 Cr for Engaged Staff and Their Logistics, GDP Loss Rs.1,50,000 Cr and Candidates Expenditure of Rs.10,000 Cr, Plus Cost of EVMs Acquisition & O&M and Training of Polling Agents etc all adding well overRs.1,80,000 Cr.

Yet 95% of the Candidates SUSPECT their Working. There are 8,00,000 or 85% more EVMs or Control Units deployed – From 1st Polling day to End of Counting Day – up to 39 days EVMs are SEALED & STORED and Guarded.

Secure Ballots shall be Counted Like ‘Currency Notes’ Fully Accounted for Used & Unused and FULLY VERIFIABLE for 100% Reliability forever.

2019 Elections can be concluded in 4 Phases and 10 days without EVMs –

Saving Over Rs.1,00,000 Crores in CONDUCTING FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS.

50 Ballot Counting Machines like Currency Counting Machines can count 18 lakh Votes Per Hour and result declared in just 30 minutes to one hour.

25,000 BCM Required for 2019 General Elections may cost Rs.25 Cr Only.


Honorable Sir,

Consider this simple fact – when Printing of Currency notes cost only about Rs.2.5 that have Scores of Security Features – Secure Ballot Papers shall cost only Rs.1 each with 4-5 security features shall CostRs.80 Crores only that shall be Readable on Fast Counting Machines like Currency notes at over 500 Per minutes.

[LS2014 -TOTAL ELECTORS 83,40,82,814 & TOTAL VALID VOTES 54,78,00,004]

A5 Size Ballots [Cut to 5.5 in x 8 in] that shall have 10mm Strip of Space for ID of Election, Constituency Number, serial number – Polling Booth Number to be stamped on day of polling and signed by polling officer with time and Serial No. of Voting Register. 1-24 Boxes for Candidates to Stamp or Punch or Tick Mark with Special Ink in one box as per their selection.

Securest Ballots in the World to Cost Rs.90 Cr

90 Cr Secure Ballots Shall Weigh only 3000 Tones in Trunks or Pallets shall be Printed in Security Presses – Securely Stored well in advance and Airlifted, Couriered to All Constituencies 2-7 days in advance and Delivered to Polling Officers hours before Polling is to begin.

Bungling of ECI in General Elections 2014  & 86% Extra EVMs

1.   8m Extra EVMs Deployed: For 9,27,553 Polling Centers – ECI deployed 17,20,080 Control Unit and more equipment – VVPATs are to be introduced this time. Nearly Twice more EVMs were deployed than required. Refer Para 17 & 19 of the Press Note. Suspicion of Malfunctioning & Manipulations.

In 2019 ‘Exact Number of Ballots shall be Printed’ for each constituency. All Secured Ballots shall be Accounted for – Used & Unused and stocked. 


2.   Almost 10m Public Servants were ‘Deployed for Election Duty for 70-90 days’because ‘They Have to Undergo Special Training’ – Their Salary & Logistics cost alone add to over Rs.20,000 Cr.


3.   Instead of 10 Phase elections – From Mar05, 2014 Press Note to Swearing in on May26, 2014 is over 83 days, Elections Could Be Conducted in 4 Phases in 10 days, in 50 days – GDP Loss due to EXTRA LONG elections and its hangover at 1%+ of GDP is Rs.1,50,000 Cr.


4.    Total number of Contestants were 8251 in 2014 – @ Rs.1.2 Cr average Poll Expenses by Parties, Candidates & Supporters add up to over Rs.10,000 Cr.


Poll End 3 days to 38 days Tamasha – 72 hour Lock Down

5.   In 2014 GE Re-polling was ordered in just 301 out of 927553 Polling Stations but at5PM on May12 TV Channels began EXIT POLL Results and India watched TAMASHA for 72 hour until final tally was announced on May15 Evening.


6.   EVMs were Electronically Locked with RESULTS on Polling Days from April07 to May12, 2014 by 6PM which was not declared – Last set of EVMs were SEALED on 12th, TRUCKED to Counting Centers, Guarded for 38-2 Days, Unsealed and Votes Counted for Each machine from 8 AM to 5 PM on May15, 2014.


7.   In 2019 GE – A Polling Center in Charge with 2-3 other Officers to take Secure Ballots Used and Unused in a Car with Escort to Counting Station – Votes Counted in 5 minutes and Fed in to Central Server – result announced as early 6 PM on last polling day.

There is Enough Time to Switch to SECURE BALLOT VOTING in Elections – Currency Printing Presses Have Surplus Capacity to Print say 2-3 Crore Secure Votes Per Day.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

 EC Rules Out Bringing Back Ballot Papers for Elections

Kolkata: Ruling out any possibility of bringing back ballot papers for elections, chief election commissioner OP Rawat on Saturday said the EVMs were being made a ‘scapegoat’ as the machines cannot speak and political parties needed to blame someone or something for their defeat.

“There is absolutely nothing about the integrity of the system… However, time and again whenever there are eruptions on this, we clarify the issue,” Rawat said at an interactive session on “Electoral Integrity and Role of Money in Elections” organised by the Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said the panel had last July announced that all elections henceforth would be conducted using EVMs coupled with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail machines. — IANS

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