CWC & CGWB – Most Corrupt Worst Engineering in The World

June09, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

This is very interesting just as I was writing Delhi peak load was6419 MW at 3:21:51. At 5:30 PM storm followed by pre-monsoon rains hit Delhi and Delhi load collapsed to 3222 MW at 5:50 PM – yesterday Delhi peak load was 6934 MW at 3:28 PM.

Few mm of ‘Water Falling from SKY’ cooled Delhi and cut the Power Load by Half. Power infrastructure was not ‘DISRUPTED’.

But 1-2cm Rains FLOOD Delhi or Mumbai and all our cities. Drains in my area are not cleaned. This illustrates the level of Corruption & Worst of Water Engineering. P-46 of CGWB as clipped here there is little difference between Ground Water Table before and after Monsoon – but CGWB creates PANIC giving foolish advices. P-118 CGWB estimates Ground Water Resource to be 306.47 MCM and Extraction to be 387.76 MCM, difference of ‘81 MCM’ is BIG CONCERN – But Delhi get over ‘1000 MCM’ of Surface water from Sutlej, Yamuna & Ganga River Basins is ‘Not Accounted’ for in the CGWB reports. Yield of Yamuna River at Okhla is ‘13,000 MCM’ is not considered as Delhi Water Resource.

Depth to water level during Pre-monsoon (May, 2015)

The Depth to water level recorded in NCT Delhi during May, 2015 ranges from 1.20 to 62.22 metres below ground level (mbgl).

Depth to water level during Post-monsoon (November, 2015)

The Depth to water level recorded in the NCT Delhi during November, 2015 varied from 0.72 to 61.13 mbgl.


Melbourne City of 4.5m Population has 1812 MCM Dam Storage capacity to ensure Sustainable & Clean water supply – when average annual inflows into Storage Dams is 419 MCM for last 20 years and daily water requirement is 1 MCM. Full Dams Storage capacity can serve Melbourne City for 1812 days – current storage is 1180 MCM enough for 1180 days Melbourne City requirement.


Delhi City of 18m, plus Haryana, Western UP in Yamuna Basin have no Dam Storage for 45m People in all – Kishau, Renuka, Lakhwar & Vyasi Dams are not being built. 


80% of India’s Surface water go waste to sea every year. 50% of water in Dams is Lost in Conveyance through City Distribution and Canals. Best available water, ‘Dam Releases’ is used for Irrigation – Contaminated Ground Water is used for Drinking – consumers are expected to PURIFY water supplied by Water Works. Live Storage in CWC Dams has not increased in 20 years. CORRUPT CWC DO NOT CONSIDER DAM SILTATION OVER 20-50 Years IN LIVE STORAGE DATA i.e. Live Storage Bhakra today is same as in 1965.

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