Global eyes,Trump-Kim summit for peace

President Donald J. Trump has touched down at Paya Lebar Airbase in Singapore for the historical summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after fierce barbs.

US President Donald Trump will today hold a meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, ahead of the historic US-North Korea summit tomorrow.

The meeting between the two leaders will be followed by expanded bilateral meetings.

Talking to reporters White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, Sung Kim, a former US ambassador to South Korea and former nuclear negotiator with the North, will lead a US delegation for a working group with a North Korean delegation.

She informed that White House Chief of Staff, and National Security Adviser have arrived in Singapore for the June 12 summit.

Trump and Kim are set to meet on Tuesday at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa for talks which could see North Korea dismantle its nuclear arsenal in return for economic help and security guarantees. Around 2,500 journalists are reporting on the event.

United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to participate in the ‘historic summit’ on June 12.
As reported by the Yonhap News agency, Singapore is witnessing stronger police presence, stringent security checks, and roadblocks are around the area where the two leaders are expected to meet. This area has been designated by Singaporean authorities as ‘special event areas’.
The area includes the summit venue, Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island and the places around Shangri-La Hotel and the St Regis Hotel where Trump and Kim are expected to stay, respectively.
Earlier on Sunday, Trump’s Air Force One landed at Paya Lebar Air Base in the central east of Singapore after undertaking a 17-hour long flight from Quebec Canada where he attended the G7 summit.
Later, Kim’s plane landed at Changi airport.
Apart from the presence of the two global leaders in Singapore, the reason behind putting a heightened security in place is also that Kim faces a massive amount of global criticism due to his high-handed regime and records of human rights abuse.
The summit, which was on a brink of being canceled multiple times, may bring a certain amount of diplomatic and political benefits for both leaders.
Trump, who is going to face the elections in 2020, will be able to tout this summit as a big victory under his presidency.
On the other side, for Kim sharing a common platform with the US president is itself a landmark as previously the US leaders have avoided doing so.
 Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un  summit is being considered as a major step towards the denuclearisation of the so-called “nuke-bound” nation, North Korea.
Trump is expected to stay at the Shangri-La during his visit to Singapore.

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