A ‘Chief Technical Officer’ for Development Urgently Needed


June12, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

India requires Chief Technical Officers than Bogus and Corrupt Scientists with DST-CSIR-NRDC Background who are yet to develop any Commercial Technology for the World in 70+ years – not even a Kerosene Stove or a Mouse Trap.

I had regularly reported about BUNGLINGS in India progress since 1975-81 Inventing, to 1980 onward Inventing + Innovative Projects and Corrupted Projects to Present and includes last 4 years.

Trees Cut For Cooking Fuel Than Timber For Homes – $4T.

In 1975 invented Efficient Stoves – GOI has now introduced Ujawalla Yojana but the difference is that in 41 intervening years India Cut Forest Trees – about 4 billion tones average estimate for Cooking Purpose – India could have largely built Wood Houses like in USA-Canada-Japan or most developed countries. CSIR-TERI-CSE and scores of NGOs had let India down. UNDP also introduced ‘China Invented Wood Stove’ in around 2008 but no one in India wanted it.

200,000 MW Multi-purpose Dams Not Built – $6 T to $10T

Invented Water Efficient Technologies 1978, Water Supply Installations, Opposed Lunatic Garland Canal Project in 1980. At Vigyan Bhawan observed ‘Stupid Ganga Cauvery Link is Going on For 40 Years – Why Can’t We Grow 30 Million Tones of Foods in Fertile Ganga Basin than Transporting 50 Billion Tones of Water Over 3,000 Kilometer in Leaking Canal – Most to be Lost on Way?’ [$2T for Power Produced & Recreation, Flood Protection $1T, Clean Water $1T, $2T Food Production, $4T for Clean Air.]

Make In India – Opportunity Lost $12 T + $24T & 10 Cr Jobs


India lost MANUFACTURING OPPORTUNITIES – at 50% China success is $12T Local Consumption Plus $24T as Exports in 40 Years and 10 Cr Local Jobs. Another $6T for Servicing of Products and 5 Cr Servicing Jobs.

Transportation – Railways, Highways, Automotive Tech – $10T

I was Introduced to Railway Technologies in 1983 by my friend who retired as Chief Engineer – even before that wanted DOUBLING OF METER GAUGE LINES THAN GAUGE CONVERSION – India would have DOUBLE TRACK all through long time ago – $10T advantage – Instead of 45kmph and 24 kmph average Speed, Doubling Speeds for Passenger & Freight – 50% saving Time and Cost of Service or Railways Contributing 50% Transport throughput against 20% today in Avoiding Inefficient Road Transport.

After return from EXPO’85 wanted India to INTRODUCE Electric Tram Bus, Transportation Innovations, Automatic Level Crossing than Flyovers, Lower Height of Flyovers, Improved BRT and Separate Truck Highways etc.

Social Cost Saving $1/Capita/Day in 40 Yrs – $15 Trillion

Social Cost Saving, just 1 hour saving in travel, fetching water, @ $1/Capita/Day – is $15T.

Heath Cost, Education, Skills, Food Processing, Middlemen Free India would add significantly to the Indirect Gains.

India Becoming S&T – Inventing Society alone is $50T Indirect Gain.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

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