Kim Trump meet as the “talks of the century”.

US President Donald Trump, is when asked if North Korea had agreed to denuclearize, Trump said they would be starting that process quickly.


Kim said they had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and that the world will see a major change.

President Trump has addressed the press conference for nearly an hour taking questions from all sections of the international media.

Asked about the size of the North Korean nuclear arsenal, Trump says it is “very substantial’.

“We have pretty good intelligence … to know it is pretty substantial,” he says. But he insists North Korea could denuclearise very quickly.

Trump says the summit has achieved more than he hoped. He says he only brought up the issue of the remains of prisoners of war at the very end of the meeting. It was “great’ that Kim agreed to handing over the remains. He adds, “We’re probably going to need another summit.”

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sign the ‘comprehensive ‘ document, Kim says the world will see a major change. “We have decided to let go the past and now the world will see a major change,” Kim says. “The relationship with the Korean peninsula will be different,” the US president added. Trump, who pumped Kim’s hand several times and gave him a pat on the back, said he would “absolutely” invite Kim to the White House. “We’ll meet again and we’ll meet many times,” the US President said.

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed an unspecified document that Trump described as “important” and “comprehensive,” to conclude their meetings in Singapore, CBS News reports.

Trump said he “absolutely” will invite Kim to the White House. Trump said he thinks the summit went “better than anybody could have expected.”
“We are very proud of what took place today. Our relationship with North Korea and the Korean peninsula has changed today. We’ve spent a lot of time together, a very intensive time. The letter we are signing is very comprehensive,” Trump said.

But it’s unclear yet exactly what that means. A press conference is scheduled for 2:30 pm local time, noon IST, where more details will come forward.

Trump said he thinks he and Kim will have a “terrific relationship,” and Kim, through a translator, said North Korea had to overcome a number of “obstacles” to get to this moment.

Kim Jong-un is believed to have already left Sentosa Island for Changi airport, heading directly home to Pyongyang.  President Trump will be holding the press conference at noon.

US President Donald Trump said he had forged a “good relationship” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the start of a historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday, as the two men sought ways to end a nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula.

Should they succeed in making a diplomatic breakthrough, it could bring lasting change to the security landscape of Northeast Asia, like the visit of former US President Richard Nixon to China in 1972 led to the transformation of China.

“There will be challenges ahead,” Kim said, but he vowed to work with Trump. Both men sat alongside each other against a backdrop of North Korean and US flags, with Kim beaming broadly as the US president gave him a thumbs up.

As the historic first meeting between a South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday said  Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met for what local media billed as the “talks of the century”.

US president and North Korean leader began in Singapore, images of Trump and Kim exchanging handshakes and warm words drew jubilant reactions in Seoul and hopes for a new beginning with Pyongyang.

“We hope the summit will be a success and bring us a complete denuclearisation, peace and a new era” in relations between the two Koreas and the United States, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said.

Moon, whose earlier meetings with Kim had paved the way for the Singapore summit, smiled and applauded alongside his cabinet ministers as they watched live-streamed scenes from the summit at the presidential Blue House.

He has spent “a sleepless night” with excitement ahead of the meeting, his office said.

The English language Korea Times welcomed the meeting as a step towards ending tensions on the Korean peninsula, which has been divided between the communist North and democratic South for nearly 70 years.

Since the 1950-53 Korean War, South Korea has grown into one of the most prosperous countries in Asia, while the isolationist North has suffered a stagnant economy and alarmed its neighbours with its increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapons programme.

“The two leaders are certainly under great pressure to make the talks of the century a success,” the editorial said.

“We hope today’s summit will make a breakthrough to open a new era of peace and prosperity.”

Many watched live footage of the summit on their phones.

“A great shift in world history is in the making,” one Internet user said in a comment response to a news story.

But others were sceptical of Pyongyang´s intentions, citing earlier attempts to improve relations that later foundered.

“Kim Jong Un’s agreement to meet Trump means he´s having a hard time (from sanctions). But we´re giving him a chance to survive again after we did so with Kim Jong-il,” wrote another, referring to previous peace overtures to the North Korean leader´s father.

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