Cutain Raiser: Baten Aman Ki  campaign.


Dear Sir/madam,

In the last four years the position of women in India has been deteriorating at an alarming rate. There is a targeted attack on the Constitutional rights of women in India. With the growth of the overall violence in society there is a deep impact on the lives of women.  There has been a frontal attack on the Constitution, on freedom of expression, which impact all women. This includes our right to dress, speak, write, eat and choose, rights we had fought so hard for, and gained through sustained feminist struggles. Women groups from across India are coming together in organising बातें अमन की (Baten Aman Ki)  campaign.

We are organizing a Press conference to announce the campaign:

Date: June 14, 2018

Place: IWPC, 5, Windsor Place, Meridian Hotel Round About, New Delhi

Time: 12 noon

Press Conference will be addressed by Annie Raja (NFIW), Kavita Krishnan (AIPWA), Leena Dabiru (India Inclusive), Mariam Dhavle (AIDWA) & Shabnam Hashmi (India Inclusive).

We request you to kindly get the press conference covered.

Yours sincerely

Shabnam Hashmi


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