Israel medical startup chains

LR Group is investing NIS 50 million in building and operating three shared workspaces for biotechnology and medical startups near three hospitals in Israel – Hadassah Medical Centre Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, Rabin Medical Centre (Beilinson Hospital) in Petah Tikva and Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. The new chain will be called LR Biohouse and offers a unique combination of technological incubator, shared workspace and synergy with the hospital.

LR Group operates worldwide in developing, financing, building, and managing medium and large scale projects in high growth economies including agriculture, water, energy and power, telecom, health, and construction.

The first of the three shared workspaces has been built in cooperation with Hadassah Medical Centre Ein Kerem and the Jerusalem Development Authority’s BioJerusalem venture and will be launched next week on June 19.

The Jerusalem LR Biohouse will have space for 40-50 early stage and more mature biotech and medical startups as well as a startup accelerator, which will be operated by Hadassah.

The startups in LR Biohouse will enjoy shared equipment and facilities and data processing systems and most importantly access to the hospital’s infrastructure including laboratories, and amenities for animal and clinical trials including access to patients for the trials. LR Biohouse will also help in introducing potential investors, partners and customers.

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