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Obama Foundation

Hi everyone —

I guess you could say it started with Iron Man.

Nearly ten years ago, my son Izaac’s preschool class was going on a field trip and my wife and I were packing him a lunch. She asked me if I wanted to write his name on his lunch bag.

It occurred to me that even though I was an artist, my kids never got to see their dad draw. If I wanted to encourage my kids to be proud of their own gifts and use them in their own lives, I needed to start setting an example for them. So, I sat down and put Izaac’s name on his bag — along with a quick sketch of Iron Man.

When he saw the bag, the beaming smile on his face alone affirmed the decision. But I knew I had more to give my kids than just a five-minute sketch.

I began to put a little more time into their lunch bags. The night before, I’d sit down with my color pencils for an hour or so — and I’d just draw:

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