Brainstorming on Sri Ram Janmabhumi,

Brainstorming on Sri Ram Janmabhumi, Ministries for Cow Progeny Promotion, Socio-cultural Harmony, Infiltration of foreign elements and several other subjects in VHP meeting – Alok Kumar

New Delhi, June 25, 2018 – The VHP Working President Advocate Alok Kumar said that Vishva Hindu Parishad is the common platform for people of all indigenous schools of religion born in Bharatvarsh. Through its various programmes and activities, VHP has been working towards their further consolidation, rejuvenation, mutual harmony and synergy, and development.

The VHP Governing Council resolved to further expand its service activities to economically, educationally, healthwise and socially empower our Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes brethren. Now the Ekal Vidyalay (One-Teacher Schools) Movement has its OTS units in about 62,000 villages of the country and plans are afoot to cover over 100,000 villages during the span of next two years. Besides this, other service activities will also see considerable expansion. The VHP Working President also said that some unholy forces including the activists of the Tukde-Tukde Gang are out to destroy the warp & woof of our socio-cultural fabric, harm our national interests, destroy national unity and territorial integrity, and surely their satanic activities are getting exposed by the day. We would never allow them succeed in their inimical and hostile designs.

Shri Alok Kumar also said that in those States where cow slaughter and cow smuggling are banned and unlawful, the VHP volunteers there have already been protecting the cow progeny through lawful means, and we expect other citizens of those states also to come forward to ensure comprehensive implementation of the law to protect the cow progeny – which is complete ecology and crown of the animal kingdom.

In their first resolution, the representatives present, demanded of the State and Central Governments respectively to form separate “Ministry for Bharatiya Cow Progeny Protection, Preservation and Promotion” as a deference to the Adesh of the Sant fraternity given in the Dharma Sansad held at Udupi based on concern for the country’s sustainable organic agriculture, Annadaata farmer, environment & ecology, cow progeny, Constitution of the Republic and the Swarajya  (Self-Government) worldview & paradigm of Mahatma Gandhi.

Giving the details of the two-day long meeting of the Governing Council in its concluding session, the VHP Working President said that around 250 representatives gathered here from all states of the country freely discussed subjects such as grand temple at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi, Protection of Cow Progeny, Cow-Promotion & Development, Social Harmony, Infiltration of Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims, attacks on Hindu minorities in neighbouring countries, further expansion of Seva works, women empowerment & self-reliance & security, pseudo-secularist and Tukde-Tukde  Gang conspiracies, etc.,

In its second Resolution, the meeting termed the increasing number of Rohingya Muslims in the country as an internal and external security threat and in order to neutralize the infiltration problem called upon the Government to make a law, seal the Indo-Bangladesh border, deploy additional security agencies with the BSF, formation of a Parliamentary Committee and deport the infiltrators without delay and also appealed to the people of the country to boycott the infiltrators economically-socially and hand them over to the police-administration.

 Released by –

Vinod Bansal

Spokesman- Vishva Hindu Parishad

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