OMG! Promoting Child Safety Online, Empowering Future Digital Citizens seminar begins

With nearly 1.2 millions schools and 40% of India  population are in the bracket of child and with 480 million internet users, India represents m the second largets online group after China and over 28 millions of these users are school-going children.School going are considered to be in the highest risk category due to a combination of increased internet access and low personal resilience with parents and children lacking the knowledge to protest themselves against cyber threats.

With spread of ICTs,online risk to children the seminar is arranged by NCPCR, UNICEF,UNODC,Cyber Peace for day to deliberate on robust preventive mechanism are put in place in presence of Mr Eric Falt Director UNESCO, Ms Stuti Kacker Chairperson NCPCR, Ms Suruchi Pant, Dy Rep,UNODC and Chief Guest Dr Gulshan Rai, Chief Information security office PM’s office, GOI.

OMG at UNESCO Auditorium National Child commission Ms Stuti Kackar speak at Inaugural address

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