Five dead, 20 wounded in Maryland newsroom shooting

 A gunman fired through a glass door at a newspaper in the Maryland capital of Annapolis and sprayed the newsroom with gunfire on Thursday, killing at least five people and injuring several others, authorities said.There were 170 people in the building, the publication wrote.

The news channel reports the shooter  is white man but his identity is not disclosed.  County Sheriff Ron Bateman told Fox News confirmed the detention of the suspect, while local political leaders said no motive was known for the attack at the Capital Gazette newspaper.

Capital Gazette


Five people were killed and several others were “gravely injured” in a shooting at the Capital Gazette office, according to police. A shooter is in custody.

According to Phil Davis, one of the reporters who was inside at the time and tweeted an account of the assault, the gunman shot through the door and opened fire on staff inside — as others including himself hid under their desks.

Describing the attack to the Baltimore Sun, which owns the Capital Gazette, Davis said it “was like a war zone” inside, a situation that would be “hard to describe for a while.”

Davis said he was still hiding under his desk when the shooting stopped —and police swarmed the building taking the suspect into custody.

It took officers — trained to respond to the mass shootings that have become a regular occurrence in the country — just 60 seconds to arrive on site, according to an official.

Many of the office workers inside the four-story building were alerted to the shooting by the police sirens wailing outside.

A lockdown was ordered immediately.

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