German vessel Saxony missile mishap


A missile failed to launch and exploded aboard a navy ship in a training exercise with technical problem. The Missile warhead created a giant fireball when it blew up on the German vessel Saxony off the coast of Norway. Images taken of the dramatic event show a shower of sparks and debris raining down into the sea.

The navy ship was operating near the Arctic Circle when it attempted to fire a Standard Missile as part of the exercise, the service said in a release.


Fire ball engulfed, after giving the command to fire, the rocket malfunctioned and blew up aboard the vessel, injuring two sailors.

Ship’s  captain, Thomas Hacken, said: ‘We were standing in front of a blazing and glowing hot wall of fire.’

‘The sprinkler system on board the ship was immediately activated and the crew managed to put the fire out. Two sailors were treated for shock.

The launch box and bridge of the navy vessel were left visibly damaged.According to a statement from the German Navy, the SM 2 type missile failed to lift off due to a defect in its propulsion system.A Navy spokesman said there were no indications of a technical defect before the firing of the rocket. Another rocket of the same type was successfully launched by the Saxony before the incident.But the overheating could have caused damaged to its electrical or leaks somewhere may left undetected.


 German Navy’s chief inspector, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, said the incident is a necessary risk the navy takes during live-firing exercises.He said: ‘We have to practice realistically, so that we are ready for action in case of emergency, also for national and alliance defence purposes.’

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