Africa exits WC, with Senegal failing

Africans with agility and excellent runner finds an early exit from world cup football in Russia. Thirty six years ago such a poor performance by African teams was seen as less shocking. Senegal´s elimination on fair play rules not only made World Cup history, it is also the first time since 1982 an African teamContinue reading “Africa exits WC, with Senegal failing”


POLITICS FOR A NEW INDIA EDITED by SHRIPRAKASH SINGH by Dr. Krishna Gopal, Joint General Secretary, RSS JUN30 Politics for a New India  · Hosted by Nehru Memorial Museum and Library – NMML clock Saturday at 15:30–17:00 3 days from now · 27-34° Thunderstorms pin Nehru Memorial Museum and Library – NMML Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi 110011 Show mapContinue reading “POLITICS FOR A NEW INDIA”

Ethnic violence flares in Ethiopia

Where people are in abject poverty the riots, violence are the energies for the leaders to emerge with such tools of killing and creating vandalism. It is pivot for the religious leaders to invoke spiritual congregation and talk of brother hood and peace- harmony.Nor we find, ten people have been killed in ethnic clashes inContinue reading “Ethnic violence flares in Ethiopia”

Trump, Putin to meet on July 16 in Helsinki:

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on July 16 in Helsinki, the Kremlin and the White House said on Thursday, a first official summit that will be closely watched by nervous US allies in Europe and critics of Russia in America. The two countries announced the details simultaneously a dayContinue reading “Trump, Putin to meet on July 16 in Helsinki:”

High-level Chinese military delegation visit India

Chinese defense ministry announced on Thursday that China’s Deputy Commander of Western military region, Major General Liu Xiaowu will soon visit Pakistan and India. Spokesperson Wu Qian said Major General Liu would discuss border issues and collaboration as well as have an interaction with the militaries during his visit. Wu said that Pakistan and India alongContinue reading “High-level Chinese military delegation visit India”

Five dead, 20 wounded in Maryland newsroom shooting

 A gunman fired through a glass door at a newspaper in the Maryland capital of Annapolis and sprayed the newsroom with gunfire on Thursday, killing at least five people and injuring several others, authorities said.There were 170 people in the building, the publication wrote. The news channel reports the shooter  is white man but hisContinue reading “Five dead, 20 wounded in Maryland newsroom shooting”

EU leaders agree on migration

European Union leaders reached an agreement on migration after almost 10 hours of chaotic talks in Brussels over the sensitive issue threatening their union and zone of free travel, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government. “EU28 leaders have agreed on (summit) conclusions, including on migration,” the chairman of the talks, Donald Tusk, said.Continue reading “EU leaders agree on migration”

BSP Chief Mayawati: BJP failing on surgical strike

Releasing video of #SurgicalStrike is nothing but an attempt by this Govt to distract people from their enormous failures before 2019. If they did it with intention of showing proof, then why did they not release video when strike was carried out?: BSP Chief Mayawati BJP Leaders in their press conference attack Congress: Congress PartyContinue reading “BSP Chief Mayawati: BJP failing on surgical strike”

Glenmark 35th Sub Junior and 45th Junior National Aquatic Championships

Day 5 of Glenmark 35th Sub Junior and 45th Junior National Aquatic Championships Vedika, Shaon Srihari Nina and Bikram shine in a day of upsets. 5 New records In a day where the favourites seemed to lose most races. There were some phenomenol performances which lit up a hot day further. The Girls 200 mContinue reading “Glenmark 35th Sub Junior and 45th Junior National Aquatic Championships”

German vessel Saxony missile mishap

A missile failed to launch and exploded aboard a navy ship in a training exercise with technical problem. The Missile warhead created a giant fireball when it blew up on the German vessel Saxony off the coast of Norway. Images taken of the dramatic event show a shower of sparks and debris raining down into theContinue reading “German vessel Saxony missile mishap”