Prime Minister Modi & Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore bilateral talks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held high level bilateral talks with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore, on his second day of his tour. A gamut of strategic, economic and technological issues figured during their talks. Several MoUs were signed. Prime Minister expressed gratitude to Singapore’s PM and said he has always made untiringContinue reading “Prime Minister Modi & Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore bilateral talks”

Prof. B.N. Goswamy lecture SOME ASPECTS OF TIME

National Museum, New Delhi added an event. The lecture will be delivered by Prof. B.N. Goswamy, a distinguished art historian. His talk titled ” SOME ASPECTS OF TIME: The Indian Painter and His Work” will reflect on the handling of time by Indian painters of the past. As noted by Prof. Goswamy, those painters work, reflectsContinue reading “Prof. B.N. Goswamy lecture SOME ASPECTS OF TIME”


Article written: 31 May , 2018 by Matt Williams At the center of our galaxy resides a Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH) known as Sagittarius A. Based on ongoing observations, astronomers have determined that this SMBH measures 44 million km (27.34 million mi) in diameter and has an estimated mass of 4.31 million Solar Masses. On occasion, a star willContinue reading “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BLACK HOLE GOBBLES UP A STAR”

Hillary: Naresh, it’s been a big month for Democrats

Naresh, it’s been a big month for Democrats. Half of the women running in House primaries have won their races so far, thanks in no small part to the work of our friends at Emerge America. Young, diverse candidates endorsed by Run for Something have continued to win at nearly five times the usual rateContinue reading “Hillary: Naresh, it’s been a big month for Democrats”

Launch of guidelines for adventure Tourism

Naresh Kumar Sagar @Nksagar · 10h Sagar Media Inc. – Launch of guidelines for the adventure Tourism.(link: Naresh Kumar Sagar @Nksagar · 14h Sagar Media Inc: These days experiential is buzz for tourists and look for adventure . Secretary GOI Rashmi said was there traveling for Buddhist. Tourism the foreign asked us adventureContinue reading “Launch of guidelines for adventure Tourism”

Denmark ban face veil

Naresh Kumar Sagar @Nksagar · 7m Sagar Media Inc: Denmark ban face veil.#Denmark passes ban on #Islamic full-face veil in public spaces, following Belgium, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria and parts of Switzerland. Denmark voted to ban  burqa, thus the fifth European country to pass such a law. Lawmakers voted 75-30 in favour of the legislation whichContinue reading “Denmark ban face veil”