Nordic Technologies Best for India, Match Box vs Lighter

June30, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

It is very difficult for present generation in India to imagine thatWIMCO’s match boxes ensured Indians had their meals Cooked in time for decades in last century. When a Match Box used to cost 5p, Americans were using disposable lighters that cost 1000p.

Not just that Kitchen Fire was Preserved and Shared 1960 [Milk was preserved by Heating it Slowly on Dung Cake fuel] – a person may rub a match stick to light up a Cigarette, up to ten others – including strangers would share it to light up their own in a train.

In 1967 my family had first Refrigerator – a Danish company introduced Refrigeration Compressor Technology to India and made it affordable.

Denmark around 1970 donatedButter Oil to India – which was sold at discount through PDS – revenue from it Started ‘White [Milk] Revolution in India – was called Operation Flood.’ Since then Milk Production in India had gone up 6-8 Fold. Denmark also funded WASTE TO POWER 4 MW unit in Delhi in 1970.

When a Chess Match between USA & USSR was impossible to think at height of Cold War, Space Race in 1972 – Iceland provided the venue to Chess World Cup –Bobby Fischer vs Boris SpasskyFinal which I followed on daily basis. In 1973 I was ranked No.1 after 5 rounds in U-20 Chess Championship.  Billions were inspired by the Chess World Cup Final.

In 1975 I was procuring Electrical Equipment for India’s biggest coal fired power plant and L&Twas the leading supplier is presently India’s top Engineering Company. TATA MOTORS & TATA STEEL are ahead of L&T but earn most of their revenue in EU.

In 1995 ERICSSON first introduced Mobile Networks and Phones to India followed by NOKIA. VOLVO launched World Class Trucks and Buses to India to be followed by SCANIA Buses – rest of world’s major bus companies too came recently.

NORDIC Agro Technologies, Rural Technologies, Renewables, Hydro Power, Water Supply are Best Suited to Indian conditions can be readily implemented.

I have invented Scores of Technologies for the World Market – all are Efficient & Reduce Emissions but India doesn’t have the necessary IPR Protection & Regulations to support Inventions. China is flooding India with low cost good quality products.

Even matters of services – you open a Saloon or a Coffee Shop 10 more will come around it in one year within 500m radius. A family get more than 4 Times Bank Loans than GDP of Iceland – Competitors get only a fraction and MSME & Inventors nothing.

I have read about Nordic Technologies & Companies and interacted with them have Scores of technologies for them too. Commercialization of Inventions is a big challenge in India.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770

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