Trump, Congrats Obrador

Mexican ruling party candidate Jose Antonio Meade has conceded defeat to his leftist, anti-establishment opponent, after multiple exit polls showed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador winning by a two digit margin. Obrador, 64, would be the first leftist president in decades in Mexico and is expected to move the country in a more nationalist direction, including reducing the country’s dependence on the United States, possibly further fueling tensions with President Donald Trump. An official ‘quick count’ of results is expected at 4am GMT. Obrador part too has won in the general election with simple majority but may not be able to take up constitution amendments for which they don’t have such majority in the house.

Mexico presidential election results goes all out in favour of Andrés Manuel López Obrador with people resting their wish in him to fight menace of  drug, corruption which has made the state unpalatable for its citizen to enjoy its democracy norms.


Mexico election win on way to the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico presidential vote former Mayor to Mexico city wants to bring change in Mexico politics to cull the rampant corruption and stop drug and don violence which has killed more than 250 politician this year.

US policies are American first and the Mexico election put  anti-Trump winner Andrés Manuel López Obrador on top slot and will he able to tread his social -political paths smoothly.

US President Donald Trump has congratulated his newly elected Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, after multiple polls and an early count showed the leftist anti-establishment candidate decisively leading the vote. “There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico!” Trump tweeted Sunday night. Although Obrador, 64, has vowed to reduce Mexico’s dependence on the US, triggering fears of a further escalation of tension with Trump, the US leader added that he looks “very much forward to working with him.”

Media in their article pose pertinent question, Mexico’s new president Obrador : How he will pay for his ambitious slate of social programs without overspending and harming the economy? Can he make a dent in the unyielding violence of the drug war? Can he really clean up systemic corruption?

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